A beautiful story about the power of community and friendships, found in the most unlikely of places’ Eleanor Goymer, author of The Fallback

‘A heartwarming and necessary story to make you fall in love with London again’ — Eve Edwards, author of The Summer of Wishful Thinking

‘The author found the beautiful in the everyday and created a rich narrative firmly rooted in Lewisham…I truly felt like I spent my time reading this book walking the streets’ — 4* Goodreads reviewer


The Café on Manor Lane

 A stranger can change your life in a moment of kindness

1952: Bella is a young French Jew in post-war London, having lost everything in WWII. When she meets Adebayo, a doctor from Nigeria, Archibald’s Café is the only place where they feel like they belong.

1977: Amara feels enraged by the injustice she sees every day. With London tense with anger, she decides to take action.

2010:  Gina is a daydreaming artist whose efforts crumble into disaster. Her hopes for a career are over as she finds herself making lattes at the café where her grandparents went on their first date.

Across the lives of three generations of women, London can be a harsh and beautiful place. Yet, chance friendships hold people together, when the world feels like it is falling apart.

Totally gripped…holds up both the dark and the light of humanity – how even in desperate, terrible circumstances, there are those touches of love, of kindness
Julia Crouch
author of ‘the new mother’

When a photographer witnesses war crimes, will she have to abandon her calling to save herself?

 As Lena and Kojo work in conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur, Sudan and other places across East and Central Africa, there is immense psychological pressure, and it’s not certain if their relationship will survive.

Eighteen years later, Bene walks the gritty back streets of Paris for one night in a music festival. He is on his way to meet his father in Nairobi, Kenya, a man he’s never met.

Ahead of the Shadows is about the intense relationships that come from work in war zones, the transmission of trauma from one generation to the next, and how one unconventional boy might be able to break the cycle.

Ahead of the Shadows is out 30 September 2022, will be available to buy directly from abkyazze.co.uk/shop, as well as from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and more.

A.B. Kyazze brings to the story a photographer’s eye, capturing the tragedy and the beauty of the people caught up in Angola’s civil war. It reads as a thriller – but one with a heart.
author of ‘the silence’

Into the Mouth of the Lion is A.B. Kyazze’s debut novel.

Written by a former war photographer, this book is for anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider, lost in country you desperately want to understand.

​Lena, a struggling photographer, flies from London to the war-torn highlands of Angola, after hearing the news of a suspicious explosion. She tries to piece together the reasons behind the disappearance of her sister DJ, but she gets entangled in the country’s conflict for minerals and power.

The book is a love story – actually, stories – crossing conventional lines in a war zone, but it is more than that. It is about working in intense situations, and finding the courage to bear witness to abuses. It is about how people can connect and help others in unexpected ways, despite a threatening landscape. Pacey and suspenseful, the book is ultimately uplifting, although bittersweet.


Order and Chaos is the second short story anthology from the Breakthrough Book Collective. My short story about monsoon season in Nepal in included, titled “Faith/Faithful”. To order a copy of the book direct from the author (UK shipping) please click here to see the shop page.

Taking Liberties is the first short story anthology from the new author’s collaboration The Breakthrough Book Collective. My playful short story “Seize Your Freedom With Both Hands” is included. To buy a copy of the book directly from the author, please see the shop page, click here.

‘Eduardo’s Predicament’ published in the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2021

Lost in the Jetstream, a short story, was published by the Great Lakes Review on 14 January 2021.

End of Lockdown Summer, published by Byte the Book in September 2020, describes how it feels at this strange time, from an unusual perspective

Covid in Brixton, a light-hearted short story about friendship during the time of the pandemic, was story of the month for the Byte Shorts showcase run by networking organisation Byte the Book in May 2020


Walking the Walk: Evidence of Principles in Action from Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies. Published in the International Review of the Red Cross, Volume 97 Spring/Summer 2015.

Learning from the City: British Red Cross Urban Learning Project Scoping Study. Co-written with Paula Baizan and Samuel Carpenter, 2012.

At a Crossroads: Humanitarianism for the Next decade. Co-written with Benedict Dempsey, published by Save the Children in 2010.

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