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Thank you to Katie Lumsden, author of the upcoming The Secrets of Hartwood Hall, who runs a monthly book event on You Tube, where she reviews her recent reads. I really appreciate that she read and liked Ahead of the Shadows, calling it “beautifully written”, “poignant, precise” and having a “perfect ending.” Her review of my book is around 8 minutes in, but the whole thing is a joy to watch as she rounds up her favoirite reads.


Click here for the You Tube video

Talking location

Trip Fiction hosted a guest blog about the locations and landscapes that inspired Ahead of the Shadows. Here are some of the stories behind the story, taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur Sudan, and the backstreets of Paris.


Click here for the article and photos

SE Nine magazine

Novelist and journalist Wendy Moore gets an advanced view of Ahead of the Shadows, as well as a discussions of other books in the pipeline.


Liv’s Books & Light

A lovely review from an admitedly reluctant reader who wouldn’t normally pick up a book like Into the Mouth of the Lion, but who loved the look.


Including a discussion of what inspires me, and a peek at my (very messy, very creative) writing space.


SE Nine: Eltham magazine feature on Into the Mouth of the Lion

“…the book takes readers on a white-knuckle ride…”
Article by Wendy Moore


Lewisham Ledger: Oct/Nov issue Culture Section

Interview with Nikki Spencer

29 September 2021: Desert Island Reads

3 September 2021: From First Page to Last

26 June: Publication of a short story as part of the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2021

17 June: Conversation between authors

Alex B. Pearl’s series with authors

14 June 2021 book review: “It’s not the fast pace that keeps you glued to the book but the stirred curiosity of finding out through the game of words.”

13 June 2021 book review: “Into the Mouth of the Lion manages to project a feeling of hope…I truly found it moving..”

12 June 2021 book review: “A story with many a twist and stunningly told”

10 June 2021 book review: “Lyrical…creates beautiful and fragile moments”

10 June 2021 book review: “One of the best thrillers I’ve read this year… brilliant in every sense.”

9 June 2021: “Outstanding… a masterful story wrapped up in beautiful prose…”

8 June 2021: Experience turned into fiction – with global support

Book Review 7 June 2021: “Into the Mouth of A Lion is a real success. It’s a very strong debut novel that illuminates a rarely written about part of the world.” Duncan, editor of Fiction from Afar and Judge of the CWA Crime in Translation Prize

24 May 2021: The Write & Wrong podcast with Emma & Jamie

12 May 2021: Greenhills Alumni Magazine Spotlight

9 May 2021: ‘Into The Mouth of the Lion’ Online Launch Event

7 May 2021: – an important Irish literary magazine – commissions an article about Into the Mouth of the Lion

6 May 2021: Launch day and Book Trail feature of Into the Mouth of the Lion

14 April 2021: Byte the Book event on connections, collaboration and mentoring of authors (Speaking around 16:34)

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