• Order and Chaos – A Short Story Anthology



    “Cracking stories….I was so impressed” Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag

    Ancient gods in conflict and a zombie on welfare, a disappearing boyfriend and AI with daddy issues, a balloon bound for icy danger and a mysterious theft at the museum, a sinister woodland cabin and a pleasure house that’ll cost much more than you can afford.

    Raiding parties in dystopia, art classes in the city, opposites attracting and love catching fire. Separations and siblings, life and death decisions, flying into trouble and traveling to self-discovery…

    Which comes first, chaos or order? The cycles between may seem inevitable, and change may be the only constant, but what does that mean for the human experience?

    Sixteen authors from the Breakthrough Books collective explore our relationships with nature and technology, science and the sacred, each other and ourselves, offering an array of stories as individual as every reader.


  • Taking Liberties – A Short Story Anthology



    A daring rescue. A time-trapped forest. Paranormal problems for a down-to-earth detective.

    War waged over wi-fi. An app to die for and a fateful shirt. Musing on the rails. Hermits, caves and epic tales. Roboboats aimlessly afloat. Passengers and paintings. The keys to sunlight, and young love in sunlit Santiago. Freedom has many faces. In Taking Liberties it is met in a dozen different guises and in worlds where nothing is what it seems.

    Threaded through with the theme of freedom, the stories explore what it means to yearn for escape and to search for the true self, whether in the DNA or in the human soul. Mirth and myth, mystery and magic, noir and memoir shape this first offering from the Breakthrough Book Collective, a group of established and emerging authors embarking on its own journey of creative liberty.

    Contributors: Stephanie Bretherton, Jamie Chipperfield, Sue Clark, Jason Cobley, Stevyn Colgan, Samuel Dodson, A.B. Kyazze, Virginia Moffatt, Ivy Ngeow, Eamon Somers, Paul Waters and PJ Whiteley.

  • Writing the 7 Senses – Workbook



    Want to dive deeper into creative writing, but don’t know where to start?

    In this hands-on workbook, Amelia B. Kyazze, novelist, photographer and creative writing facilitator, shares her quirky and playful approach, Writing the 7 Senses.

    With fifteen different exercises that can be done in any order, and packed with resources and suggestions, this is the perfect companion for anyone looking to explore their writing and take it many steps further.

    In May 2022 Amelia was awarded a London Borough of Culture grant as part of the We Are Lewisham initiative in order to run many more Writing the 7 Senses workshops. She is also a Trustee for a new creative writing charity, the Oxford Centre for Fantasy.