Into the Mouth of the Lion (Paperback)


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Angola, 2002. In the last days of a vicious civil war, it is a dangerous landscape rife with rebel soldiers, landmines, corruption and deception. A suspicious explosion kills a beloved nurse, while another humanitarian worker goes missing.

Lena Rodrigues, a young photographer, flies out to Angola’s highlands to piece together the reasons behind her sister’s disappearance. But will she have the strength to bear witness to the truth, before she gets entangled in the country’s conflict for minerals and power?


What are readers saying?

A.B. Kyazze brings to the story a photographer’s eye, capturing the tragedy and the beauty of the people caught up in Angola’s civil war. It reads as a thriller – but one with a heart” Joss Stirling, author of The Silence

“Totally gripped… I come away moved, desperately sad, and somehow also hopeful – because, with this story, A.B. Kyazze holds up both the dark and the light of humanity – how, even in desperate, terrible circumstances, there are those touches of love, of kindness” Julia Crouch, author of Her Husband’s Lover

“Outstanding… a masterful story wrapped up in beautiful prose…” Berty Boy, book blogger

“Fast and with depth, brilliantly written and takes you to there: Angola, London, love in all its forms and cruelty. A gripping finale – a highly recommended read” T. Shah, 5* review on Amazon

“One of the best thrillers I’ve read this year… brilliant in every sense” – Surjit Reads and Recommends book blog, 5 * review

“Into the Mouth of the Lion manages to project a feeling of hope…I truly found it moving” Books by Bindu

“The fast pace of a thriller interlaces with wise insights into the human condition… The short chapters give the flow of the narration an almost cinematic quality…” M. Lenzen, Amazon

“The finale is as thrilling as it was unexpected” Oscar Scafidi, author of Kayak the Kwanza

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