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Writing the 7 Senses – Workbook


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Want to dive deeper into creative writing, but don’t know where to start?

In this hands-on workbook, Amelia B. Kyazze, novelist, photographer and creative writing facilitator, shares her quirky and playful approach, Writing the 7 Senses.

With fifteen different exercises that can be done in any order, and packed with resources and suggestions, this is the perfect companion for anyone looking to explore their writing and take it many steps further.

In May 2022 Amelia was awarded a London Borough of Culture grant as part of the We Are Lewisham initiative in order to run many more Writing the 7 Senses workshops. She is also a Trustee for a new creative writing charity, the Oxford Centre for Fantasy.

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Praise for A.B. Kyazze’s techique, Writing the 7 Senses: 

“My pencil was free to fly all over the page!”
“5/5 stars!”

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1 review for Writing the 7 Senses – Workbook

  1. Sukie de bowyer

    I haven’t read all the book yet but what I have read is very helpful with my book I am writing and as we are in to autumn now and winter coming I will be in more now to get on with my book and I really enjoyed the two books that you wrote you are a very good author signed Sukie de Bowyer.

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