New for 2022: Lewisham Borough of Culture Award!

Working with Lewisham schools and Downham Library, we have been awarded a Culture Change Grant as part of the London Borough of Culture and #Wearelewisham2022. We will be running fifteen workshops in Lewisham before the end of December 2022, using the Writing the 7 Senses methodology. 

With music, photography, observation of nature and humour, we will create a free and creative space that allows writers to improve their skills and exercise their imagination. With an emphasis on inclusion and diversity, we explore different perspectives, character building, creating suspense, and writing about cultures and settings around the world as well as across London. For children especially, this helps to build skills, empathy and self-confidence. And it’s a lot of fun!

As part of celebrating Black History Month, the workshops will be a welcoming space for people of any background to bring their family history with them into the creative writing space.

Click here to find out more about the workshop on 8 October for children ages 8-14.

Click here to find out more about the workshop for adults on 22 October.

Click here to find out more about the workshop for adults on 5 November.

The Writing the 7 Senses methodology:

As a photographer and a writer, I know how important the sense of sight is. But often people don’t realise how important the other senses are, and how we can become better writers by learning how to pay attention and have fun with each one.

Writing the 7 Senses is my method to facilitate creative writing workshops for children and adults.

Using observation techniques, music, humour and artwork, I create a free and creative space that allows people to improve their skills in observation and exercise their imagination. By choosing different stimuli to generate ideas, there are many pathways to imaginative expression. For children especially,  this helps to build skills and self-confidence.

Thinking and writing about characters from different backgrounds also builds empathy and knowledge of the world. This is so important in these difficult times; indeed, these kinds of techniques have the potential to improve relationships amongst children and the wider diverse communities where we live and work.

From an 8-year old participant:
“My pencil was free to fly all over the page!”
From a 10-year old participant:
“5/5 stars!”

Terms & Conditions for Writing the 7 Senses Workshops at Downham Library

Amelia has been DBS checked in order to run the Writing the 7 Senses workshops in local schools, and she holds Personal Liability Insurance through her membership in the Society of Authors.

The workshops at Downham Library in October and November 2022 are supported by the London Borough of Culture and Lewisham 2022 Culture Change Fund. As such, there is no charge for the sessions. However, if you have booked a place and are unable to attend, please give us as much advanced notice as possible in order that the place could be given to someone else.

For the children’s course, It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to ensure that we have accurate information regarding any health considerations or special needs before the course starts. We will make every effort to accommodate your children’s requirements throughout the duration of the Writing the 7 Senses workshop.

There is disabled access at Downham Library; please do let us know in advance if you think this is needed so we can ensure it is in working condition.

Please ensure we have emergency contact details for carers or parents, accurate for the time of the workshop.

Snacks are not allowed in Library rooms, but feel free to bring a bottle of water.

If a different person is picking up the child than dropping off, please let us know this in advance.

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